Where is the music coming from?

XJ music is made by artists using our patented algorithm streaming live 24/7.

To clarify, artists create all the musical instructions and many short recordings of musical performances and upload the material to our software platform running in the cloud. What you hear in the app is the 24/7 live output of that software running the patented algorithm on the source material from the artists.

The first four musicians in the world who know how to make XJ music are known collectively as AIRCRAFT, the XJ house band. To learn more about the four band members, check out the XJ team page.

Composing XJ music is not easy. This system is an evolution of recorded music in space and time.

We believe music is fluid and dynamic between spaces and across time. Artists collaborate continuously on the fly. The music is never “done” because the music is a breathing, always-changing, never-repeating live stream.